Quotes by Dan Millman

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Wisdom is the use of knowledge
Freedom from mental distraction equals power.
Better never begin; once begun, better finish.
Dream big. Start small and then connect the dots.
In life, stress happens when you resist what arises.
To be authentic literally means to be your own author.
If we agree on everything, only one of us is necessary.
You have to lose your mind in order to regain your senses.
We discover our character through decisions under pressure.
The journey is what brings us happiness not the destination.
Before you can see the Light, you have to deal with the darkness.
Choice means saying no to one thing so you can say yes to another.
While some of us act without thinking, too many of us think without acting.
If you face just one opponent, and you doubt yourself, you're out-numbered.
Choice means giving up something you want for something else you want more.
You're a prisoner of your own illusions - about yourself and about the world.
If you want peace of mind I suggest you resign as general manager of the universe.
Life is not a private affair. A story and its lessons are only made useful if shared.
Conscious evolution begins as we take responsibility for clearing our own obstructions.
You don't have to control your thoughts; you just have to stop letting them control you.
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