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Life has become better, and no one seems to know about it.
Once, the governing human metaphor was pastoral or agricultural, and it clarified, and so preserved in human care, the natural cycles of birth, growth, death, and decay. But modern humanity's governing metaphor is that of the machine. Having placed ourselves in charge of creation, we began to mechanize both the creation itself and our conception of it. We began to see the whole creation merely as raw material, to be transformed by machines into a manufactured Paradise.
Roads, better harnesses for horses, time-keeping devices, financial instruments like a currency that was recognized everywhere in the kingdom, enforceable contracts - all of this made commerce more appealing than plunder.
We will never have a perfect world, but it's not romantic or naive to work toward a better one.
It must be remembered that necessity is only the mother of invention; socially accumulated knowledge is its father.
All the progress we have made in philosophy ... is the result of that methodical skepticism which is the element of human freedom.
Any theory that makes progress is bound to be initially counterintuitive.
Without deviation, progress is not possible.
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